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Sahadi’s: Global Flavors on Atlantic Avenue
May 2015
A vibrant and eclectic market featuring Middle Eastern specialties, the first Sahadi’s store opened its doors in Manhattan in 1898, with the now-famous Atlantic Avenue location in Brooklyn following in 1948. The popular, one-of-a-kind market has also built its reputation on variety as well as quality. Hundreds of large bulk bins line the walls and the aisles filled with grains, spices, nuts, beans, dried fruit, and more. Sahadi’s currently stocks more than 30 varieties of olives. Such an unwavering dedication to variety is precisely what sets Sahadi’s apart. Olive oil soap? Check. Pistachio nougat? Check. While Sahadi’s is a Middle Eastern market serving an impressive array of food and other items from the region, that’s really just a jumping-off point. Owner Charlie Sahadi is dedicated to stocking the most interesting and high-quality foods from around the world. For anyone cooking meals in the kitchen of a downtown Brooklyn condo, there are not many food markets nearby that can hold a candle to Sahadi’s. It’s the place to go to find something different, perhaps a new ingredient that will inspire you to try a new recipe. Sahadi’s cheese section alone makes a trip well worth your time. Stocked with over 200 varieties of cheeses from around world, Sahadi’s is an ideal place to discover a new favorite. For three generations Sahadi’s has grown and thrived in NYC for all the right reasons. New Yorkers have been showing their appreciation for the Sahadi family for over a century, and that dedication seems primed to continue. Now a Brooklyn landmark, Sahadi’s offers the kinds of quality and variety only topped by its—perhaps surprising—affordability. The Sahadi family has always done whatever it takes to provide their store’s customers with incredibly high-quality food at reasonable prices. Many food markets popping up in NYC attempt to capture the rustic, sensory-centric aesthetic of markets like Sahadi’s, but few actually come close. There is a genuine point of inspiration from which Sahadi’s began over a century ago, and that same spark still infuses the current store with a positive vibe today. Through the years Sahadi’s has built itself into a colorful wonderland of sustenance that all but begs to be explored. In 2012 Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue closed for a week for the first time in its history to expand into a much larger space that encompasses the original store and two stores positioned beside it. This significant up-sizing served to cement the Sahadi’s legacy, as though the wonderful little market just needed some room to bloom. For residents of nearby Boerum Hill condos, such a flowering has resulted in easy access to an amazing foodie paradise like none other.